We couldn't have been happier with Laurie and her farm!  Such gracious people and very very accommodating.  Everything we were looking for in a rustic venue for our wedding was here!  She even allowed us to our engagement family photos on a day that wasn't usual because of work schedules.  Top notch on responding back to questions.  Any bride would be lucky to be married here.  Very magical experience!

Absolutely loved the venue!  My pictures were great and the guests loved the place!  Laurie was very responsive when getting back to me with all the questions!  She opened up her home to me and my family and was very helpful and accommodating.  The only thing I would of like better is if we could of had at least 1-2 hours the day before the wedding to have a small rehearsal and set up a bit.  I completely understand that this is her private home and she is already letting you use it for the full day.  She is the best!  When I wanted to have our engagement pictures there she didn't hesitate!  And then when I asked her if we could come back for bridal portraits she welcomed me again!  Beautiful property and great people!  We would recommend this place to a further bride.


My wife and I were in love with this venue and the owner from day 1!  Shady Lane Farm is very accommodating to our needs for our reception and ceremony.  The way the owners tend to and care for their farm keeps in great shape.  We even had a opportunity to have one photo session prior to the wedding, which we took full advantage of.  If you are looking for an outdoor/rustic/farm wedding, this is the place to book!  I only wish we were able to come back on the day after the wedding to clean up instead of the night of.  However, most venues we looked at have that rule set in place.  Overall it was a great experience, before, during, and after the wedding!

This was the best decision I made for my wedding.  This farm was absolutely perfect for our wedding.  The photographer was overwhelmed with how many photo opportunities there were because of how beautiful the farm was.  Laurie was an incredible host and accommodated me in every way.  I can't rave about this venue enough.  It was a dream come true.

This venue was beautiful!!!  So in love with how my wedding day turned out!  The venue wasn't the only awesome part of having my wedding at Shady Lane- Laurie was just about as dreamy as a venue owner gets  Not only was she so accommodating before the wedding, but my wedding day would not have been the same without her.  As luck would have it, the morning of my wedding I ruined my wedding cake...the whole layer of my cake slid off, ruined.  I laughed it off (because what else could i do) and headed to the farm to get ready.  Laurie heard what happened and she fixed my cake!  Kid you not, had icing and iced my new top layer up and it was as good as new!  Not only that but my box of table decorations got "lost" (they were in a truck the whole time) and she allowed us to use anything we wanted out of her wedding decorations closet!  It was better than what I had planned.  She also made me feel so welcome to her home while I was getting ready!  I would 100% recommend Shady Lane Farm to everyone!!

This place is a hidden gem!  Not only is it breathtaking., Laurie and Bob are the sweetest people in the world.  My husband and I had a really hard time finding a venue, but absolutely fell in love with Shady Lane once we saw it.  Highly recommend this beautiful venue for any event or picture won't be disappointed.

LAURIE IS THE BEST!  I recommend this venue to anyone looking for an outdoor ceremony and reception.  Any ideas we had Laurie worked with us to make it happen!  I don't think I would have happier with any other venue!

I couldn't have asked for a better venue.  I was so in love with Shady Lane Farm it is absolutely beautiful.  My wedding was perfect and the pictures turned out amazing!  Laurie is wonderful she opened up her home to us, helped every step of the way and gave me so many great ideas.  She went out of her way to help create my dream wedding and I could not have been happier.  I highly recommend this venue for your wedding day.

Shady Lane Farm is the most beautiful place to hold a wedding.  Laurie and Bob Hancock were amazing, gracious and helpful every single step of the way.  Every crazy idea I had she was there to help us!  She allowed us to take over her home for the day and it was so comfortable and inviting.   She made sure that absolutely everything was perfect down to every single flower petal.  They were amazing with all of the outside vendors and rental requests.  Bob worked so hard to handle all the hard work we threw their way!  If you are looking for a romantic outdoor wedding I highly suggest you check it out!  I couldn't of asked for a more perfect day that I wish I could relive over and over!  They will go above and beyond to help create the perfect day!
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